The Death of the Dunk Contest

I really didn’t plan to blog tonight, but after watching… or, trying to watch.. the NBA Slam dunk Contest I couldn’t help myself.  Where has all the creativity gone from what used to be the staple of the NBA all-star weekend?  What happened to the Michael Jordan’s, Dominique Wilkin’s, Spudd Webb’s, and Kenny Sky Walker’s?  What happened to putting some thought into a dunk “routine”?  Now the only “creativity” we see is the changing of a jersey… or using a human or automobile prop… or pulling out a kindergarten cut-out of Larry Legend (this is when i turned it off).  Seriously, most of the guys in the Slam Dunk Contest are guys that sit on the bench as much as if not more than they play.  Shouldn’t this be ample time to think up some creative, NEW dunks?  And, if the NBA wants to salvage this contest, shouldn’t they make it more fan friendly?  Not by letting the fans vote for the winner… but let the fans vote in the PARTICIPANTS.  The fans are the ones that All Star weekend is supposed to be for anyway, so why not give them more say?  Don’t you think a Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, and Vince Carter Dunk Contest would be something people would actually go out of their way to watch?  In tonight’s contest, i only vaguely knew 1 of the participants.  Even the commentators were making fun of the lack of TALENT in the contest.  If the people getting paid to watch the contest aren’t interested, how can you expect the PAYING POPULATION to be interested.  I hate to be “Debbie Downer” here, but I miss the days of the real slam dunk contests where you couldn’t wait to see what was going to come next… and, as i’m sure we will see when the ratings come out, so do a lot of other people.


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