Metta World… Piece of S%*T


Ron Artest… Metta World Peace… Scumbag.  As of my writing of this article the NBA has not punished this piece of crap for his actions, but they have to come down heavy, right?  What a blatant elbow that was, for no reason.  Harden wasn’t approaching Mr. Piece… of S&*T.  He was simply coming down to take an in bounds pass after his opponent scored.  POS on the other hand, was flamboyantly beating his chest and yelling after scoring on a break away dunk… which brings me to another question.  If you are a 6’9″ african american athlete, shouldn’t you be able to dunk?  Why are you beating your chest?  Have you just accomplished something that you weren’t supposed to be able to do?  All the NBA needs is another chest beating, egotistical, self indulged athlete to bring down what used to be an enjoyable spectator sport.  Anyway, that’s a whole other blog all in itself… back to the POS.

Back in 2004 Ron Artest became infamous for going into the crowd during a game against the Detroit Pistons and fighting fans.  He was punished, but obviously the punishment didn’t teach him anything.  After yesterday’s incident, I would expect a similar punishment, if not a full time ban.  Crazy?  Too much?  I think not… in a day and age where the NBA needs to clean up their act and start promoting role models to children (that’s right Sir Charles, you are role models), the last thing they need are idiots like Metta Worl… screw it, i’m not calling him by that ridiculous name… The last thing the NBA needs are the Ron Artest’s of the league screwing it up for the rest of the guys that bust their ass on a nightly basis to make the league what it once was.  Will the NBA do the right thing?  Will they put a stiff punishment on Artest?  Probably… because he’s not a “star”.  But will it be worthy of the “crime” he committed?  Crime, yes… I said Crime.  Just because you are on a professional sports field/court doesn’t mean you can go around elbowing people for no reason.  That is assault… no matter how you want to spin it.  If Roger Goodell was the commissioner of the NBA what do you think he would do with Artest?  I think David Stern has done a respectable job as the commissioner of the NBA… but he lets way too much slide.  Hopefully he will do the right thing here and come down hard on Artest.  What’s the worst that could happen, maybe if Artest gets banned from the league we can finally get that new album he promised us ALLURE was going to drop soon…


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