Let The Games Begin



And so they have arrived, the 2012 Olympic Games have begun and for an avid sports enthusiast I couldn’t be more excited.  The Olympic games has the ability to pull our interest in facets of sports and life like no other event.  I can honestly say I would never go to a Handball game or an Archery….event?  I don’t even know what their competition is called.  But when it comes to the Olympics, I’m all in.  If there is an American competing, even if it is  in a sport that I have no connection too, I’m watching.  And then of course you have your mainstays, the Swimming, Track and Field, Gymnastics, and so on.  I have to say I am a little burned out on Michael Phelps… but needless to say, when he’s on… myself, and the world.. will be watching.  So, this begs the question.  What are you most looking forward to in this summer’s Olympics?  My personal interest is on the Tennis, can Roger Federer pull off the career Golden Slam?  Roger can join Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf (who did it all in the same year), and Rafael Nadal as the only players to ever win the career golden slam.  So, let’s hear your thoughts.  Tell me what you are most looking forward to over these next couple of weeks.  And, in the meantime, enjoy the games….


All FORE Not



And on the 72nd hole, the golf gods taketh away…. well, technically the 69th, 70th, 71st, and 72nd hole, but who’s counting?  Now I will start by saying I am not the biggest Golf fanatic there is, but i follow the sport. I appreciate the history and the prestige of the game.  I’m not allowed on a golf course due to my divot producing swing…. That being said, I can surely critique from the comfort of my couch.  I feel bad for Adam Scott, I think he is a likable guy, seems nice and you never hear any negative press on him.  Yes, there was the whole Steve Williams Caddie fiasco, but that was in no way Adam’s doing.  With Tiger being seemingly out of the mix after his triple bogey, I found myself rooting for Adam.  I like seeing a first time winner, i enjoyed the tears and emotion of Bubba Watson winning The Master’s this year, and was looking forward to the same today.  And then, the wheels came off.  Up 4 strokes with 4 holes to play, they were probably already starting to engrave Adam Scott into the Claret Jug.  At some point, Adam Scott was probably feeling the same thing.  “All i gotta do is play par golf, and I’m The Open Champion.”  As an athlete myself I can tell you the biggest difference in a “good” athlete and a “great” athlete is the mental game.  Some have it, a lot don’t.  Today was the perfect example of an athlete’s mental game letting them down in the end.  Adam Scott had that tournament won.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t finish it.  Where does he go from here?  Will he bounce back and one day win the “big one”?  Or will the let down of letting this one slip away linger for some time to come?  Time will tell…. but I know this, there won’t be much sleep for Adam Scott for a few days.