NFL Playoffs: Week 16 Important Games


So the NFL playoffs are fastly approaching, we have reached week 16 which means some very important games are at hand this weekend.  Let’s look at a few:

Atlanta vs Detroit:  While most are not expecting a fight from the disappointing Lions, this game has a major impact on the NFC Championship game.  If Atlanta wins, they are guaranteed home field advantage for the playoffs.  If they lose, SF stays alive for home field advantage.  Prediction: Atl 35 Det 17

New Orleans vs Dallas: The Saints abysmal start to the season pretty much sealed their fate.  However, the hot/cold/hot again Cowboy’s are in position to take the NFC East and slide into the playoffs playing their best ball of the season the last 3 weeks.  But, you never know which Romo will show.  Prediction:  Dal 31 NO 28

Indianapolis vs KC:  The young Colts have played well enough to win this year, and need one more game here to put some breathing room between them and Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.  Let’s see how the wunderkind, Andrew Luck, handles the late season playoff push.  Prediction Ind 21 KC 10

Washington vs Philadelphia:  The befuddled Eagles have nothing to play for… except for spoiling another NFC East Team’s playoff hopes.  First test is vs the Redskins… RGIII or not, I see the Redskins taking this game and putting themselves in the driver’s seat for the NFC East playoff spot.  Prediction: Was 24 Phi 13

Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh:  This is probably the most important game of the week.  This is as close to a must win for both teams as there will be all season.  How healthy is Big Ben?  Can the aging Pittsburgh D stop the young, flashy Bengals’ offense?  Should be a good match up.  Prediction:  Pitt 23 Cin 17

New York Giants vs Baltimore:  Giants are on the bubble (shocker).  But this is normally when they turn it on.  Murder Ray returns for the Ravens, unfortunately he doesn’t play on the offensive side of the ball.  Baltimore continues to tumble here.  Prediction NYG 17 Bal 10

Minnesota vs Houston:  Minn is riding AP to the playoffs… they’ll need a HUGE day from him to get past the Texans.  Houston has a stout enough defense to make the Vikes have to go to the air…. advantage Texans.  Texans still working on securing home field advantage, I think they take another step towards that in this game.  Prediction Hou 24 Minn 14

San Fran vs Seattle:  Who would have thought this would be a big game when the season began?  Seattle had a QB battle going between a lifetime back up and a rookie, and San Fran was coming off their best season in years.  And narrowly missed the Super Bowl last season.  Both teams have exceptional defenses, this game will come down to who takes care of the ball and can run on the opposing team.  Seattle is tough to beat at home, but the pressure is on for a rookie QB.  Prediction SF 23 Sea 21

There you have it, chime in as you see fit…. regardless of the outcome, this should be an exciting weekend for all NFL fans.


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