LiveWrong: The Lance Armstong Story


So, according to reports Lance Armstrong, the 7 time Tour De France winner, has admitted to Oprah (I thought she retired) that he cheated throughout his career.  The same Lance Armstrong that paraded for years around denying that he ever cheated, even going as far as to ridicule those that were caught cheating.  And now we find out he was just like the rest of the cheaters.  The most decorated cyclist of all time, the inspiration to millions, and the face of one of the largest cancer research organizations in the world… a cheater.  Millions of dollars in endorsements and prize money over the years…. and he was “unclean”.  Repeatedly lying to the media, the fans… hell, the world.  And now, he thinks he can save face by admitting to Oprah that he cheated…. he’ll have excuses, he’ll beg for forgiveness… all to hold on to the little bit of positive celebrity status he still owns(not so he can continue to race in marathons/triathlons etc).  I’m looking forward to this interview, I want to hear what he has to say.  I’m sure Oprah will ask the riveting questions… or the ones that Lance’s publicist tells her she can ask.  But let’s be honest, the real losers here are those associated with the Livestrong Foundation.

For all of those who have put their hard work and time into the Livestrong organization, my heart breaks for you.  To have been repeatedly lied to, and to constantly have to defend the face of their organization… and now, the confession.  I truly hope that people will be able to look past the confession from Lance and continue to support the cause.  It would be a complete injustice to allow this man’s selfish actions to destroy the organization that is completely innocent in this whole situation.  Guilty or innocent, clean or tainted, the fact of the matter is the Livestrong Foundation still is a positive force.  One that should continue to be supported and funded.  At the end of the day, the man will ride off into the sunset and eventually be forgotten…. but until a cure for cancer is found, we must continue to cycle forward until we cross that finish line that keeps getting closer and closer.  Lance, you lived wrong… but the fight against cancer, continues to Live Strong.


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