Survive and Advance

Survive and Advance.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…



Well, it’s that time again…  my favorite time of year has arrived.  The sound of shoes squeaking, crowds screaming, and hearts breaking will resonate for the next month.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you March Madness!  Which begs the questions, is the NCAA Basketball tournament the most exciting of all championships Pro or College?  I say yes…

Where else can you have Cinderella stories like VCU and Butler University?  College powerhouse teams such as Kansas and Louisville going home early to teams you’ve never heard of and couldn’t tell me what state they play in if I gave you 47 guesses.  Players who have flown under the radar only to break out, have a big showing in “The Dance”, earn a multi million dollar NBA contract… and never produce anything at the pro level.  Nobody does it like college basketball.

For the next month I will be watching teams play that i could care less about, but at the end of the day I will have a vested interest.  Because as we all know there is no greater feeling that filling out the perfect NCAA Championship Bracket.  Have i ever actually filled out perfect bracket?  Well, no technically not… but.. I feel this may be there year. Here are a few ground rules I have when filling out my bracket:

1.  UNC always makes it to at least the Final Four.  Even in 2010 when they were playing in the NIT, I wrote them in to the Final Four.

2.  Duke never makes it past the sweet 16.  Even if they are 32-0, won every game by 30 points, they aren’t going to the elite 8.

3. Kentucky always gets to the elite 8… but never further. (This usually holds true)

4. At least one 12 seed makes it to the elite 8, usually some small podunk school that looks like they should be in the Final Four of the Math Olympics.

5.  And Finally, the final score of the final game is always 77-72.


What are your bracket tendencies?  Lets hear them.  Goodluck to you in your bracket, if you want to see the perfect bracket.. please check back soon when I post mine!  Haha, happy madness!